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Il Fusti Olive Oil

100% Cold Pressed, right here in California

What makes California grown olives different from imported oil?

The Mediterranean climate of Northern California; the warm, sunny days, combined with the cooling ocean-influenced nights slow the maturation process of the olives, allowing for the rich, distinctive flavors of our oils to naturally develop.

Paul and Gianna planted the orchard in 2002. They chose Taggiasca olives because they were relatively new to California. The Taggiasca olive is a smaller olive with high oil content, perfect for making oil.

This fruit matures middle to late season, November and December, and has a delicate flavor, with hints of almond, artichoke, and cinnamon. It will enhance the taste of lighter foods, such as seafood or vegetables, without overpowering, while adding a hint of butter and warm spice. This is why we hand-select directly from our family estate in Sebastopol and use only California grown olives in our products. We find that this is what makes our olive oil and vinegar taste this GOOD.

With this as our base, we carry 100% extra virgin estate olive oil and multiple flavors infused olive oils to match the personal preferences of our consumers. Since we are olive oil fanatics, we have gone through countless tastings to create a list of our top favorites to share with you. From our earthy Basil Infused Olive Oil to our mouth-watering, medium heat Harissa Olive Oil, we’re positive we’ve got something you'll love.

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California grown premium oil

"It's so nice to find a California olive oil that does it right. I bought their Estate olive oil and love how smooth and rich it tastes and can't wait to make a salad dressing with it! Perfect for dipping too."

Destiny B. 12/05/2020

Olive Oil

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