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Suzie & Paul

Welcome to Il Fusti Olive Oil & Vinegars.

We are excited to offer you and your family our premium products produced in Sebastopol California.

Our name comes from the Italian word, Fusti which is a stainless steel container used for storing and dispensing olive oil, vinegar and wine. This authentic, old-world vessel is simple and timeless, just like our olive oil and vinegars. For this reason we couldn’t resist naming our company ‘Il Fusti’, or, The Oil Drum.

Our dream was to open up an olive oil and vinegar tasting room at The Barlow in downtown Sebastopol. Here, customers could taste, compare and choose from traditional and flavored products to take a bottle or two home after filling them up directly from our Fusti (olive oil drums). However, shortly after securing a location in The Barlow, COVID-19 put an immediate halt to our initial plans. It was right then and there that we began to ask ourselves, “Why don’t we start selling this delicious oil & vinegar online?”. We knew we had our work cut out for us but couldn’t resist holding our products back from the public.

The beginning of Il Fusti started with purchasing a 6 acre property in 1984 and shortly thereafter planting over 100 olive trees replacing the overgrown land. The now estate owner, and father of Il Fusti, Paul Bellomo, loved to plant these trees with his daughter Gianna. They frequently dreamed about how one day these olive trees would produce some of the finest olive oil in California and they would run a family business selling their oils to the public. As the years passed, this dream was realized with the help of Paul’s wife Suzie.

We are now excited to offer the fruits of our labors to you. Our delicious olive oil and vinegars are uniquely full bodied with a taste that you can only find in California grown olives. We invite you to join us in trying our superior products and can only wish you love them as much as we do.

With love - Paul & Suzie


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